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Our Mission

We are Vancouver’s only gourmet, healthy, fully customizable meal-prep company! Our mission has been to provide Vancouverites the most affordable and sustainable solution to healthy eating. We value individual and personal preferences. We believe one size doesn’t fit all, and especially with nutrition. We work hard to make healthy eating convenient for everyone. Expect huge things from us in 2019!

About Us

Crave Healthiness Food & Nutrition began in 2017 as a private diet-and-nutrition consultation service primarily for competitive athletes during competition preparation. We soon saw that our customizable ordering system for pro athletes could also serve any working professional with diet restrictions. In 2018 we changed the nature of our service and began serving the general public. Our customer base quickly expanded, and we shifted focus from only high-performing athletes to everyone who wants to eat a healthy diet.

Next, we introduced our lean-down, sustain, and bulk-up meal plans. These featured a portioning system where customers could choose ingredients according to their diet. Instead of receiving the same meals repeatedly, we assembled new sets of weekly meal deliveries according to initial ingredient selections. We instituted a weekly delivery system and a seasonal menu (on a 3-month cycle). Here, we were finally able to provide clients a sustainable, healthy-eating platform.

In 2019, we renamed our meal plans to small, medium, and large. Also, local Vancouver Chef Wayde Wilson came on board to help us take the personalized-catering industry to new heights. An important shift was realizing that customers needed to choose their own ingredients more than they need to customize every meal. Variety and customizability (through ingredient choices) makes a diet easier to maintain.

We’ve learned some keys: people want to eat healthy most of the time (but not always!); and that healthy food should never be boring or bland. We want people to Crave Healthiness!

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