When are meals delivered?2018-12-24T19:39:14+00:00

Main Deliveries
3pm-11pm on Sundays
Workplace Deliveries
9am-3:30 pm Mondays
Back-up Deliveries
Arranged on individual client basis.
*Additional 15$ charge applies

What is the cost of Delivery?2019-06-26T17:32:30+00:00

The cost per each delivery is $12.00+GST in metro Vancouver
The cities currently being served are as follows. At this point, we are unable to serve the
municipalities not listed here.
Metro Vancouver deliveries include Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver,
Burnaby, New Westminster. Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody,

Can I Freeze the meals?2018-08-16T23:06:34+00:00

We do not recommend freezing our meals since much of the quality can be lost, However
the majority of our meals can be frozen up to 3 months.

How long Does the food stay good for? Is there an expiry date?2018-08-16T23:05:41+00:00

The answer is highly dependant on the method of storage, as well as the ingredients in each meal.
Our meals generally last 3-5 days without any compromise to flavour or quality as we use no
preservatives in our food. We do include a “Best Before Date” label on all meals, however, this is only a recommendation and not considered a true expiry date.

What do I do with the containers?2018-08-16T23:04:20+00:00

Whatever you want! They are recyclable and reusable, so either clean them and keep them, or donate them locally!

What do I do with the bags? Is there a damage deposit fee?2019-05-02T04:37:25+00:00

You will be assigned your own insulated bags that your meals will arrive in. It is your
responsibility to return the bag upon receiving next delivery, unless previous arrangement
have been established.
There will be a 10 dollar damage deposit only for the bags that are not ​returned. We do not
charge for damaged, or faulty bags as long as the bag is returned to us.
*If you wish to receive your food in a regular plastic bag please  email us at cravehealthiness@gmail.com



What If I live in an apartment complex?2018-08-16T23:01:52+00:00

Not a problem, in fact, the majority of our clients do as well! You can always buzz our driver
up to drop off your meals at your door even if you are not home!

What If I am not there to accept my food?2018-08-16T23:00:50+00:00

No problem, Our food comes in insulated cooler bags. You simply leave the bag from last
delivery outside of your door, your new meals will be dropped off in a new bag at your door
and you will receive your confirmation text.

Can I pick-up my food at your location?2018-08-16T22:59:34+00:00

Unfortunately at this point we do not offer pick-up at our location.

When will my food delivery arrive? What is the delivery Process?2019-04-30T23:20:48+00:00

The majority of our clients receive their orders on Sundays  between
1-9pm and Mondays 9am-3pm.
The delivery routes are finalized by Saturday noon. You will receive a text from us shortly
after to confirm your more exact delivery time range. You also will receive another text once
your food has been dropped off on the day of delivery.

Why aren’t there labels?2018-10-29T16:06:12+00:00

Because we are fully customizable, there are potentially over 7,000 items we can create based
off the items on our menu list. Taking into consideration that we allow our customers to make
changes up to Thursday at 9PM (less than 12 hours from when we bill and order product), it is
virtually impossible to create the mass variety of labels that would be necessary for the volume of
orders we create. We had to make a decision between being customizable or having labels, and
we think we chose the more user-friendly choice!

What are the macros on your meals?2018-08-16T22:55:48+00:00

Our portioning is explained on the home page as well as the meal plan page! If you’d like to know
the specific per gram macro content of each meal, considering the sheer variety of our meals,
our recommendation is to use an accurate nutrition application from your smartphone.

Do we accommodate specific diets (such as Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Whole 30, Etc.)?2018-08-16T22:51:59+00:00

Our menu is fully customizable and offers a wide range of healthy ingredients that can
accommodate a vast majority of diets. Simply select your preferred ingredients and let us
know of your more detailed preferences by emailing cravehealthiness@gmail.com

Can I pick my exact dishes or submit my own meal plan?2018-10-29T16:07:25+00:00

Yes! You can submit exactly how you would like your combos to be assembled by email
We will send you an order template form and you simply fill in and submit your weekly order
before 9pm on Thursdays. If we do not receive your plan for the week in time, we simply go
with your most recent order

Is there a discount for referring anyone?2018-08-16T22:46:55+00:00

You can receive a one time 10% discount on your next order for referring each new customer.

What is your policy on late changes or cancellations?2018-08-16T22:45:09+00:00

In special circumstance we allow changes to recurring orders until Friday 11:59 am.
*All late cancellations after Thursday 9pm until Saturday 12pm will receive 50% of their money
**We reserve the right to fully withhold the charge paid for orders canceled anytime after
Saturday 12pm or within 24 hours of the established delivery time. We apologize in advance, as
the already prepared food would be considered waste and has to be disposed of immediately in this

How do I cancel or change my preferences?2018-10-29T16:10:02+00:00

Simple log into your account to change or resubmit your preferences
You can cancel your subscription at anytime online by logging in to your account or via
email cravehealthiness@gmail.com

*All cancellations are to be submitted before 9pm on Thursday

Is there a contract?2018-08-16T22:42:46+00:00

We do not require you to sign a contract as our service can be canceled at any time.
However, we do have specific terms and policies regarding late-cancellations, delivery
charges, backup delivery logistics, food safety, and storage, as well as your online
information security that we require you to agree to.

Is there a signup fee?2018-08-16T22:41:27+00:00

There is absolutely no sign up fee!

Is Crave Healthiness a subscription only service or Can I place a one-time order?2018-08-16T22:39:34+00:00

While our business structure is uniquely designed to accommodate clients on an ongoing
weekly subscription basis, individual orders can still be placed. Simply place your order for
the week you desire and cancel before thursday 9pm the following week to avoid

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